Monday, February 26, 2007

Snow day and storm damage

Sammi and I are home today because the ice storm closed my work. We've had a nice morning. A little Hungry, Hungry Hippos, a trip to the library, even some outside snow play. It wasn't the best day for snow play because the snow has an crumbly ice feel to it. Still we had fun running around and enjoying being outside (and so did the dog!).

However, in playing outside I discovered our true victim of the ice storm. Our tall, ancient pine tree was coated with heavy ice Friday and Saturday. It is a long needle pine tree with long thin branches. The weight of the ice broke many, many branches and our mangificent tree is a shadow of his former self. I love my two big pine trees (the other is a short needle tree and it weathered the storm just fine) and I was very sad to pull the broken branches away from the tree. Fortunately, it wasn't so damaged that it has to come down and new limbs will grow in place of the lost ones.

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