Monday, September 3, 2007

Pictures from That Day in September

New Yorkers enjoying the day at the Plaza at the World Trade Center Towers.

Artie (portrayed by Jeff Mead in this scene) getting his daily coffee from his Coffeeman (Michael Connell).

Seeing the plane hit the World Trade Center.


Nelle said...

I was looking at that first picture and thinking, what scene is that?

Then I realized, the picture had been flipped. I guess it looks better that way.

Interesting to see the looks on everyones faces in the last photo.

Nice shots.

Anonymous said...

How is the show coming along? Are you still going to have something at ICPL? Miss you guys! Break legs, good show and all that! -mms in mpls

Matt said...

The show is going great!

And we are doing a remembrance event at ICPL on 9/11. Chuck and Chris are working on the details of that.

Thanks for good wishes!