Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where were you?

September 11 will always be one of those "Where were you when it happened?" days. Like JFK's assasination and Challenger explosion. Six years ago today I was at work at NCS. I got a call from Sharon telling me that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. While we were on the phone, the radio said a second plane had hit it and we knew then it was no accident. I spent the rest of the day not working, just surfing the internet getting information about what was happening. My best source of information came from the members of a Survivor message board I belonged to. One of the people on that board worked in DC and gave us up to the minute accounts of what was happening there until she was evacuated.

What I remember most about that day is the fear I felt for Rachel. She was less than a year old and safe at her babysitter's house. But even though I knew that Coralville, Iowa was not on the list of terrorist targets, I was terribly worried about her. I think I realized then that no matter what was going on, she would always be my first worry.

And now I have three little girls to worry about. And the world doesn't seem any more safe now than it was then.

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