Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bang bang!

I have never in my life considered playing the drums.

You Should Play the Drums

You are often hyper, restless, and full of a little too much zeal.
However, people may be surprised to know that you can focus your energy well.

You are driven and engaged enough to be a great drummer... and you have the stamina to practice for hours.
In fact, when you can channel your energy productively, it only increases!

You are independent and spirited... but also consistent. You can definitely keep the beat.
You work well in a group and contribute heartily - without needing to take the lead.

Your dominant personality characteristic: your aggression

Your secondary personality characteristic: your precision


Anonymous said...

Matt- I was the drums too! Very weird interpretation I think. Jane

Nelle said...

I was the drum three! :-)
I think this quiz is rigged.