Thursday, January 3, 2008

Political thoughts

Yesterday I was talking to two different friends about the caucus tonight. One offered me hope and the other depressed me.

Let's get the bad news out of the way first. My friend was talking to me about his relatives and made a comment that his grandmother would never support Barack Obama. The clear implication was because he's black. I was surprised and actually asked if that was the reason. My friend said something to the effect of "how sad" it was. Just when I was really hopeful that we were moving past such prejudice, I am reminded that it's still here, in my own state, not that far away at all.

The second friend I talked to yesterday bleeds Republican. He is thoroughly within the conservative political movement. We don't often talk politics, but yesterday he told me that he did his research and had come to a startling conclusion. He is supporting Barack Obama. My friend is younger than I am, late 20s, and to me this speaks to the idea that the younger generation is looking for hope. Something new. Conservative or liberal (whatever those terms really mean) - we all are joined by a desire for something more. Something better. Something beyond the cynicism the political gridlock in Washington has nurtured within us.

I guess that's why I am supporting Barack Obama. Because I still have a shred of hope.


Chris said...

I'm still backing Richardson, personally, but Obama is my "second."

Matt said...

So was Richardson viable or did you have to go to Barack on the second vote?

Chris said...

Nope, the only viable groups there were Obama, Edwards and Clinton. I joined the Obama group, and I'm very comfortable with that.

We only had a handful there for Richardson, maybe two Dodd people, and one for Biden. I think everyone but the Biden supporter joined Obama's people. The Biden guy was very adamant that if he couldn't get a group for Biden he wasn't going to support anyone else...