Friday, March 14, 2008

Bush violated FISA before 9/11

Check out this post from a fellow Iowa blogger. All along I've given Bush at least a little benefit of the doubt by thinking that his reaction to 9/11 of taking away our civil liberties, while terrible for our country, was at least understandable on a human level. An overreaction to a terrible tragedy.

But this shows us a very different picture.

He is definitely the worst president in my lifetime - and I was born during Nixon's administration.


David said...

No offense dude, but this isn't really news - this was first revealed last June.

noneed4thneed said...

If you follow the link you will see a few news stories that are flat out lying about this by saying that Bush violated FISA AFTER 9/11. It isn't news, but but the media is ignoring this important fact.

Matt said...

Well, I am behind the times, I guess. And as the other commentator pointed out, the fact the media is ignoring this is even bigger news than the fact that he did it.