Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oh, Englert...

There's an article in PC today about how some of the Board of the Englert (but not all) sent a letter to the Johnson County Board of Supervisors raising concerns that the new theatre in Coralville will hurt the Englert. Sidenotes has a wonderful blog post about this. I'll just explain why I'm so annoyed with (some) of the Englert board that I can't see straight.

When the Save the Englert project first started, and I was there at that meeting at the library when they picked the first board members, the idea was to create an affordable community performance space. That didn't happen for a whole host of reasons that I've come to accept. And I do see the positive contribution that the Englert has made to the community. I applaud that work.

However, the fact remains that the Englert is not affordable for small local non-profit groups. As the founder of one such group, I know this all too well. So fine, we can't afford the Englert. I can accept that.

What I cannot and will not accept is the Englert's efforts to stop the creation of a space my group and others might actually be able to afford. Rethink this one, (some of the) Englert board. You are way, way out of line.


Anonymous said...

I think the brunt of this b.s. can be attributed to a few bad board members and the lack of leadership from the core staff, namely Beth Bewley-Randall and Sean Fredericks, who have consistently shown that they don't know how to play nice and be good local citizens.

Building a Mystery said...

Theater is hurting all over and the competition will negatively affect the Englert, no matter what statements are made otherwise. When politics and money come into play, all bets are off. I remain skeptical.