Sunday, August 24, 2008

So many kids

A dance party in our living room was the culmination of a day of neighborhood play for our girls.

As usual, Rachel and Sammi had Monet, their friend from across the street over today. At some point the two boys (ages 5 and 4) from across the street came over too. And then the two 12-year-old girls who live down the street and sometimes babysit were here, too. All of that is pretty normal these days. (We did have two new boys who were about 11 stop by with one of the boys from across the street, but Rachel and the older girls were not thrilled with this. And I don't think the boys were really that interested in being here either.) It is nice having the 12-year-olds play with our girls because basically they watch the kids and we get free time to get stuff done or watch the Top 101 Best Moments of SNL. So the kids were riding bikes, swinging on our swings, going for stroller rides, and sometimes the big girls even took Piper, which really made it easy to get stuff done. I got to say I'm thrilled that there's a whole tribe of children in the neighborhood. They do seem to end up at our house more often than not. I am not sure what it is about our little house that makes us so popular.

Anyway, the day ended with Rachel, Sammi, Piper, Monet and the two 12-year-old girls dancing to "We're All in this Together" from High School Musical. I think one of the older girls was surprised I knew the words. It was a nice Sunday.


topaztook said...

Rachel was appalled to discover I have not seen *any* of the High School Musicals. She informed me that "it's good for young adults, too. And you're not old."

Matt said...


Isn't it reassuring to be told by a seven year old that you're not old?