Thursday, September 11, 2008

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This essay by Joe Klein of Newsweek really captures where we are as a country. This last bit explains Barack Obama's greatest challenge:

So Obama faces an uphill struggle between now and Nov. 4. He has no personal anecdotes to match Palin's mooseburgers. His story of a boy whose father came from Kenya and mother from Kansas takes place in an America not yet mythologized, a country that is struggling to be born — a multiracial country whose greatest cultural and economic strength is its diversity. It is the country where our children already live and that our parents will never really know, a country with a much greater potential for justice and creativity — and perhaps even prosperity — than the sepia-tinted version of Main Street America. But that vision is not sellable right now to a critical mass of Americans. They live in a place, not unlike C. Vann Woodward's South, where myths are more potent than the hope of getting past the dour realities they face each day.


Anonymous said...

Hey TOOL Joe Klein write for TIME not Newsweek. You even linked to Time for the article. Your NEWS is WEAK!

Anonymous said...

Whoops. Made a mistake there with the attribution. Doesn't really change the point I was making. Nor does it change your lack of class.