Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Say It To My Face"

"I am surprised that, you know, we've been seeing some pretty over-the-top attacks coming out of the McCain campaign over the last several days, that he wasn't willing to say it to my face. But I guess we've got one last debate. So presumably, if he ends up feeling that he needs to, he will raise it during the debate." -- Barack Obama, challenging John McCain to bring up the Ayers accusation.

This is what I like to see - a candidate willing to fight against the bullsh*t that's being thrown out there.

(Of course, I would also like to see this candidate stop letting his campaign throw out bullsh*t about the other side.)


Nelle said...

I thought that the candidates where only suppose to make statements on what the moderator asks?

If I have to hear another "thanks for doing this" comment, or another sideways shuffle as an answer to a question,(and this goes for EVERYBODY), I'm going to puke.

Answer the questions!!!
And if they don't, people, do your homework.

Matt said...

They can say whatever they want to. They are adept at turning a question about the economy into way to talk about the war in Iraq, for instance. If McCain really believes the Ayers thing is a big deal, he could have brought it up. But McCain knows it's bullsh*t.

You must have puked a lot during the VP debate then. Of course, Palin is most honest about not answering questions. She took pride in not answering Ifill's questions. I thought it was pathetic and showed that she doesn't have the guts to actually say anything besides what's printed on her note cards.