Thursday, February 26, 2009


My sister-in-law, Peggie, who's really more sister than sister-in-law, is very ill. She's in the hospital with an infection in her heart and has to have open heart surgery. She's had some kidney and lung failure. Things don't look good.

Peggie and John started dating in high school. I was around 10. It was true love from the start... for them, I mean. She was very easy to love though. Peggie was a wonderful surrogate big sister back then since my real one was out of the house. She would bring me the latest cool candy she had found. Or Matt's Chocolate Chip Cookies. She always had a smile and a contagious enthusiasm.

Please pray for her if you do that. Or send good thoughts her way if you can. Thank you.

UPDATE: Peggie is doing much better. At this point, she does not have to have open heart surgery. We are hoping she'll be able to recover without those sort of drastic measures.

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