Thursday, December 28, 2006

So politics...

John Edwards announced today that he is running for president again. He was choice in 2004 (I still have a yard sign in my garage) and I was very disappointed that he had to play second fiddle to John Kerry. I think Edwards could have beat Bush. Ah well.

This means of course that I have two good choices - Edwards and Obama, assuming he runs. Which I think he will. This is his chance and he should grab it while it's there. Sharon threw out the idea of the two running on the same ticket, but who gets top billing? Edwards has more experience, but Obama has more star appeal. Right now anyway.

I am hoping that Clinton decides it's not the right time to run. Stay away! She'll only take away from the better candidates. If she's the nominee, we're going to get another Republican. Which might not be bad if it's John McCain, I suppose. But I'd still rather see the Democrats take the top seat. We need a change and for now that means a Democrat in the White House.

Okay, enough political ramblings. I don't have a lot of insight today. Just talking "out loud" as it were.

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