Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Christmas story

Rachel wanted a Holly Hobbie snow cone maker for Christmas. This was all she wanted. She kept bringing it up again and again.

We tried to find one everywhere. Target, Walmart, various online stores. We even had my sister look in the Chicago area hoping that there might be one there that she could ship to us. No luck. We did find a Slurpee Maker.

Frankly, both Sharon and I were excited about the Slurpee maker. We talked to Rachel about how Santa couldn't always find exactly what you asked for. We showed her a picture of the Slurpee maker and talked it up. At first, she said to Sharon, "You're making me mad." But eventually she came around to the idea of no Holly Hobbie Snow Cone Maker.

Fastforward to December 20th. I decided that I wanted to go to Toys R' Us to find one more little thing for the girls. I walked through the store many, many times trying to find that one extra little toy that would bring smiles to their faces. And that's when I saw it.

The Holly Hobbie Snow Cone Maker. The Holy Grail of Christmas toys for 2006. Sharon had called the previous week and been told they had never heard of such a toy. Of course, we'd already gotten the Slurpee Maker. Do we take it back? Or should I just stick with the Slurpee Maker and forget I ever saw the infamous Holly Hobbie Snow Cone Maker? Being Santa Claus is not supposed to be so hard!

Of course, I got it. I had to. We decided to make the Slurpee Maker a family present from Santa. Mostly because Sharon and I wanted it.

The irony of the whole thing? While at Toys 'R Us, I did get one more present for each of them. Sammit got a Little People Plane.

And I got Rachel the 12 Dancing Princesses Dance Mat with DVD.

Rachel's favorite gift of all? Not the Holly Hobbie Snow Cone Maker. Oh no. She wants to be a dancing princess. And she has danced and danced and danced about 300 times since she opened that present.

So you just never know what will be that one perfect toy.

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Jo said...

I had wondered about the Holly Hobbie Sno-Cone Maker, and forgot to ask.