Thursday, February 1, 2007

Da Bears

We're only three days away from a second Bears Super Bowl. I was 14 when the Bears defeated the Patriots in Super Bowl XX. That was the year I started following the Bears and football in general. I was a fair weather fan that year, but I've earned my stripes by sticking with my team through all the bad years, too. And now finally, 21 years later, my loyalty, and the loyalty of all the Bears fans, has been rewarded. We're back in the big game, with a chance at immortality.

I feel lucky to have the Bears as my team. There's something special about the Bears that few other teams can claim. One word: History. The Bears go back to 1920, when they were known as the Decatur Staleys. They moved to Chicago in 1921 and won their first championship. I think only the Green Bay Packers have such a history. And of course they are the Bears biggest rival. I hate the Packers, as any good Bears fan does, but you gotta respect 'em too.

It's been a very unusual year for the Bears. We've had a lot of success, but we still got zero respect. We have one of the most electric kick returners in NFL history in Devin Hester. He returned six kicks for TDs this season breaking the NFL record. One of which was a missed field goal that he returned 103 yards, tying the record for longest return. Our quarterback has looked absolutely brilliant at times and absolutely terrible at times. There's no middle ground with Rex Grossman. Our defense started strong, then faltered a little in the second half of the season. In the playoffs, they turned up the heat and answered their critics with two strong games to get to the final test of the season. Despite all they've accomplished, they're still seven point underdogs to the Indianapolis Colts. I think that's great. It'll be a motivator for the Bears. There's no chance we get blown out of this game. If they lose, it'll be by a field goal. Of course, if they win, it'll be by a field goal, too. No disrespect to the Colts from this Bears fan. They're worthy adversaries, no question about it.

Of course, I do think the Bears will win. My prediction: Bears 24, Colts 21.

Key players for the game, in order of importance:

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Chris said...

My mighty, mighty Packers have faltered. Alas and alackaday! Woe is me! Gloom, despair, agony, defeat. (When I was a kid watching Hee-Haw, I always thought that song was "Gloom, despair, agony on feet." I was a pretty dumb kid.)

When the mighty, mighty Packers slip, my allegiance promptly goes to anyone in the NFC North (the theory being, "Of course my team didn't make the playoffs - they were in the same division as the Super Bowl champs.") So, for the time being, just this once, don't tell anyone I said this, but... go Bears.