Tuesday, February 6, 2007

That hurt

Having a 6 and 10 season and not making the playoffs is bad. Losing in the first round of the playoffs is pretty painful. But nothing is more painful than getting so close to that Super Bowl trophy that you can taste it... and then throwing it away. Ah, Rex Grossman. I know it's even more painful for you. A lot of talk radio hacks are screaming to get rid of Rex. I think that's a mistake. The problem was Rex wasn't as developed as the rest of the team. He was playing catch up and he just couldn't do it. If only he hadn't been injured the first couple of years, if only he had been able to finish those seasons...

I believe Rex can help us get back to the Super Bowl. I do think he'll get better. He needs to do a lot of work in the offseason. I just hope he does the work, prepares, and shows us what a year of experience can mean for a quarterback.

Here we come, Super Bowl XLII!

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