Monday, April 23, 2007

They still have segregated proms!?

I can't belive this story. The students of Turner County High School in Georgia had their first integrated prom this year. You know, that crazy idea of black and whites going to the same high school dance. This is 2007, right? What's truly amazing to me is that they're proud of themselves. Proud? Because they finally caught up with the rest of the country thirty years late? I mean, really, the people of this community ought to be embarrassed that this has gone on for so long.

And of course, there are actually idiots in the community who think the integrated prom is a bad idea.

"I've asked, 'Why can't you come?' and they're like, 'My mommy and daddy -- they don't agree with being with the colored people,' which I think is crazy," she said.

At least the students realize it's crazy. And who the hell still uses the term "colored people".

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Kate P. said...

Having lived in Georgia for a number of years, I can certainly believe it. The deep south is a weird mixture of very progressive and very regressive.