Monday, April 23, 2007

History to be made... or not

I've been following the presidential race even though it started ridiculously early. Still, being an Iowan, I have the rare opportunity to have a real impact on who gets nominated to represent the Democratic party. I did finally register as a Democrat in 2003 after being a proud Independent for many years. I did so because I wanted to have an impact on the caucuses in Iowa and if I have to choose, and I really wish I didn't, but if I have to, I'll come down on the Democrat side. Anyway, after years of having zero really good candidates, we are suddenly awash in good candidates. Of the big three, I particularly like Obama and Edwards. Clinton seems like a political tool in my opinion, although I try to keep an open mind. But here's the amazing thing - we have a chance to nominate a black man or a women to represent the Democrat party. This is historical! This is awe-inspiring! I can't wait.


Except... I like Edwards best.

How frustrating to like the old white male over the two historically significant choices. I would love to see a black president or a female president. Let's break some barriers - let's show the world that we're not dominated by old white men. Let's go for it!

Except... I like Edwards best.

And I'm trying to find reasons to dislike the man. But when the best anyone can come up with is a $400 haircut, well, that doesn't change the fact that he has the most specific and comprehensive plan to turn this country around. His views on healthcare, the environment, national security, foreign policy, and on and on are right on the money. He has the right words and he says them with conviction and passion. He sounds presidential. He is presidential.

I hope he wins the nomination... and picks Obama to be his VP.

Because... I like Edwards best.


ali said...

I'm not an Iowan anymore, so I guess it doesn't really matter, but I like Edwards best too. I totally agree with what you're saying here.

I like Edwards best...until Gore officially annouces ;)

Dieter said...

I liked Edwards best last time, and I think I still like him best this time too (until, as Ali says, Gore announces).

But last I heard you were all about Obama. What changed?

Matt said...

I still like Obama. But I need some specifics from him. He's too vague. Edwards has it all figured out. I suppose if Obama comes through with some specifics in the next few months, I might waver. I would love to see a debate between those two.

As for Gore, I know where he stands on climate change, but what about the other issues? I like him, but I am afraid his personality will doom him again.

Chris said...

Gore seems to have grown a personality, finally.

Except... I still like Edwards best.

Edwards seems to have a good handle on the issues, but he's the only candidate I've heard thus far who is going out on a limb and saying, "These are the two issues I'm going to tackle - health care and poverty." The other candidates all seem to want to be everything to everyone all the time...

Sharon said...

It's not like you're saying you like Edwards best BECAUSE he's a white male. The idea is to vote for the best candidate, regardless of color, gender, sexual preference, or planet of origin. (Although I suppose someone not from earth would probably not be a United States citizen.)