Friday, April 27, 2007

Thoughts about the debate

I watched most of the debate last night, although I missed the end where apparently Obama had a good moment. Here are some quick thoughts:

--Bill Richardson is pretty much off my radar. He looked uncomfortable, didn't speak well, and went on and on. Too bad because it sounds like he has good foreign policy experience. Maybe he'll show up as Secretary of State or something.

--Who the hell is Mike Gravel? Besides a crazy ol' coot, I mean. He certainly filled the quota of comic relief. What a nut - he reminded me of Ross Perot without the charisma.

--Clinton impressed me. She is certainly capable. This debate makes it easier for me to support her if she wins the nomination.

--Edwards seemed very presidential. I liked him and his answers although I'd heard all of his best lines before like "It's time to get Americans patriotic about something besides war."

--Obama did not impress me, which was disappointing. He seemed to have a hard time figuring out what he wanted to say. Although, like I said, I missed some really good moment towards the end of the debate.

--Biden was very good. Had the best answer of the night to this question (paraphrasing): Can you control your penchant to stick your foot in your mouth if you become President? Answer: Yes. Heh.

--Kucinich attacked the Senators who voted for the war by saying it wasn't enough to admit to a mistake - you have to get it right the first time, which of course he did by voting against the war. Still, he has no chance and the debate did nothing to change that.

--Dodd did nothing to impress me.

Edwards and Obama are still my top choices, in that order. But I feel better about Clinton and Biden.

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Chris said...

Kinda sad - I was just starting to pay attention to Richardson. He has some real, honest-to-God credentials - especially in foreign policy. The man has skillz! But perhaps not as president...