Friday, September 28, 2007

11 years

Time sure moves quickly when you're not looking. Sharon and I married eleven years ago today. It was a beautiful day, the pig was in Dieter's pocket, Ali cried, the unity candle almost went out but then I glared at it, Uncle Wally danced crazily at the reception, Rachel P. was not falling down, Grandma said we needed a little more church in our lives, my brother and sister and their families sang "All you need is love" on the video, we danced the macarena not once but twice, all of our friends hated our photographer, we received The Big Pig as a wedding present, and Sharon was absolutely beautiful.

I do it all again. In fact, I'd really like to do it again right now, but Sharon says we have to wait 14 years.

Happy anniversary, Sharon.

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