Friday, September 28, 2007

Stories project

Remember how they were going to build a ridiculous rain forest in Coralville? Fortunately, that project has moved to somewhere else (Pella?). However, Coralville still has this amazing space down by the Iowa River that needs development. One idea floating around is the Stories concept. The idea is to capitalize on the fact that Iowa City is one of the literary capitals of the world with the Writer's Workshop at the University of Iowa and such. So it would be similar to Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame except for books and authors - a Literary Hall of Fame. It could also have amusement type stuff for kids. Perhaps a performance space to transform literature to the stage? All in all, it is a million times better than the rainforest idea.

You can download a pdf file and check it out if you'd like. However, realize that this is all very much in the planning stages and what you see there will almost certainly not be the final result.

Still, if they do even half of what they're proposing, it sounds great to me.


Dweeze said...

You realize, of course, that there is absolutely no walk-up tourist potential in this, right?

Matt said...

You don't think families from out of town would want to take their kids there? I would.