Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why K-Ville won't last

I don't think I'm being very prophetic here. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there predicting K-Ville will crash and burn. I watched the first episode (yay for DVRs!) and the moment I was certain this show would tank was in the last five minutes. I am going to spoil it now, so stop reading if you care. But trust me, you don't care.

Okay. So in the last two minutes of the show, the black cop tells white cop he knows that he was in prison when Katrina hit. Black cop knows white cop should still be locked up. These writers just wasted the best storyline of the show. Why tell us that in a two minute scene when you can develop the story over the course of a number of episodes? We don't care about white cop yet. The first episode was all about black cop. We care about him. Give us a white cop episode, get us caring about him, and then reveal that he's an ex-con. Terrible writing.

And that's why K-Ville will crash and burn.

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