Friday, September 14, 2007

Bland house

Our walls are white. Every single one of them. They're boooooooring. When I visited my friend Mark's new house, I was impressed by how well he used color on the walls. Really gave the house a great feel to it.

Sharon found this fun website which helps you mix and match colors. Just click on the Color Visualizer link on the left hand side of the screen.

The main problem with this plan is that I have little to no confidence in our ability to paint our walls well. And we're certainly not about to hire anyone to do it. So yeah. It's a grea idea...


Dweeze said...

If I was able to paint the kitchen at our old place in North Liberty, you can manage to do the house.

Margie said...

The only way to get painting skill is to practise! It really isn't that hard, and most Home Depot stores (or Lowe's, whatever you have where you are) offer free workshops and brochures. Plus there's gotta be online help, I would imagine.

With painting, most of the effort starts with the prep. Clean (-ish; doesn't have to be perfect because you're covering it) walls. Tape edges, lay down drop cloths and/or newspapers. Make sure the room is ventilated so you aren't getting too many fumes.

Start with something easy that won't require lots of equipment. Latex-based paints are water-soluble and easier to clean up. Even adding color to one wall of a room can make a difference.

You can do it, Matt! And if you don't like the results, you can always paint over it.