Monday, November 19, 2007

Where goes our American culture?

So I'm on Facebook. And there's this movie quiz application. And so I've been answering really easy movie questions for much of the morning. After you answer the question, they tell what percentage of those who answered it got it right. Here's my most recent question:

In the movie, The Wizard of Oz, who was the character who wanted a brain?

You Chose:
b. Scarecrow (Correct - 10 pts)

Correct Answer:
a. Tin Man (11%)
b. Scarecrow (84%)
c. Dorothy (2%)
d. Lion (3%)
e. Dorothy's dog (0%)

Can you believe 11% of the people who answered this question thought the Tin Man needed the brain? What is this world coming to?


Robyn said...

D'ya think if they had given option E as "Toto," someone would have guessed it?

Matt said...

Yes, sadly I do think that.