Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My poor tree

One of the things I love about my house are my huge pine trees. For one thing, I don't have to mow under them as they blanket the ground with soft needles. As I have a large corner yard, that's a very good thing. But more than anything, they're just cool to look at it. And climb. If I were a kid, I'd be climbing the one all the time. Rachel has tried to climb it a little bit and I expect more climbing in the future.

That is if the ice doesn't kill it. The last time we had an ice storm, a number of the large branches fell off from the weight of the evil ice. My tree looked very bare. And yesterday, more branches suffered that same fate. I can only imagine what it will look like when the broken branches are cleared away this time. My once full, lush tree will be a stick pointing forlornly to the sky.

Makes me want to cry.

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