Friday, December 7, 2007

Push polling

A few days ago, I received a phone call from a nice young lady who wanted to ask me about the presidential candidates. It's not the first phone call like that I've received. First she asked me who I was supporting and then she asked how certain I was in that support. Then she said she was going to tell me facts about a specific candidate and my job was to tell her if that made me more or less likely to vote for that person. Okaaaaay... that seems like it could go badly. And it did.

First question was about Hillary Clinton. The woman asked if the fact that Hillary supported tax cuts for the rich would make me less likely to vote for her. Then Barack was his with "Does the fact that he's taken money from lobbyists in Washington make you less likely to vote for him?" Finally, even John Edwards took a hit with this: "Does the fact that some people have called John Edwards call for an immediate removal of all troops from Iraq irresponsible make you less likely to vote for him?" (These are slightly paraphrased as I wasn't taking notes, but the gist of the attack is clear.) At least the questions weren't as bad as what Bush allegedly did to McCain in 2000.

I asked the young lady what company she worked for. She told me it was Timberline Total Solutions. When I remarked to her that this sure seemed like a push-poll and made me pretty uncomfortable, she said I wasn't the first caller to say that. I have left a message for Tom Behm of Timberline, but he has not returned my phone call.

My main question is who hired Timberline to make the calls. Is it one of the second tier Democrats? One of the Republicans trying to hurt the Democratic frontrunners?


Robyn M-K said...

I got a poll phone call for some Huckabee supporters. woot.

of course, I didn't figure that out until well into the poll. next time I'm going to know better to ask who this poll actually is for.

humph. being a homeowner has its drawbacks. also being a registered Democrat in the recent past has its drawbacks. I've been getting tons of crud from D candidates.

Mathman said...

I got that same push-polling call twice in two days. I indicated my support for a different candidate the second time, and the questions they asked were slightly different, but the intent was the same nonetheless. I also got a poll phone call from Huckabee supporters which is quite odd since I am a registered Democrat.