Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

We had a wonderful Christmas morning with kids exclaiming excitedly about their presents, tasty cinnamon rolls, and an exciting game of Rachel's newly acquired Sorry! I was worried about one present we gave Sammi. It was a collection of eight plastic dragons. There were four adults and four baby dragons. It was the family aspect of it that I thought Sammi would dig. And well, I like dragons, so there you go. Turns out, Sammi is a dragon lover, too. So far the dragons have carried off Little People farm animals and played in our game of Sorry! They are also visiting the Lego house Rachel is building. They were the source of my favorite Christmas quote so far.

"The Baby Dragons stay home while the Daddy Dragons go out scaring people!"

On the agenda for today: sledding, cookie making, and lasagna. And plenty of playing with toys.

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Robyn M-K said...

Remind us to pass along a game we have, that may be appropriate to your kids' ages. And you might find it amusing, too. Of course, you might end up with Stormtrooper families, but hey! "house" is fun!