Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Winter break fun!

Today was the start of a two week vacation for the girls and me. It is perhaps the best perk of my job that I always have two weeks at home with the girls during Christmastime. If only Sharon could have a job where she had that perk. Anyway, today we started the day by building a blanket fort at Sammi's request. This is one of the girls' favorite things to do. Piper really enjoyed it, crawling through the fort and laughing when she emerged out of one of the exits. She did stand up a few times which knocks down the fort. We had to keep admonishing her "Crawl, Piper! Crawl! No standing in the fort!" She caught on quickly and then only stood up when she wanted to cause trouble. Oh well, she's learning anyway. That's a picture of Sammi posing in front of her fort.

After a while, we decided we had to go outside and enjoy the beautiful snow that has fallen today. We got all bundled up in snowpants, hats, mittens, boots, coats and scarves. Piper could barely walk. She was really uncertain about walking in the snow. But then I got out the sled and Piper loved going for a ride with her big sister, Sammi. Here's a picture of that.

We then made snow angels. After that, Piper decided she had had enough of the cold and we decided to head inside. I thought the bigger girls would want to stay outside and play some more, but they were also done, so inside we went to peel off the wet clothes and get warm. This is going to be a fun two weeks.

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Jo said...

Sounds like a fun wintry day, and some great pictures. See you in a couple of days!